Tuesday, February 19, 2013

unusual events

A really unusual thing happened to my father. My father bought a new car and he caught the car's documents and put in his car. One day he was going to travel when he looked for the documents, he didn't find tbem. My mother, my suster, my brother-in- law helped him but nobody found tbem. After three months my father found the documents, surpresinly found the documents carvinto the car we all were very surprised.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Family story

          Last year, I went to a family's party. My husband, my daughter and I went to Campinas. When we arrived in Campina's airport, my sister and her family and my cousins were waiting for us. They had some posters with funny phrases "I love you, Dad" , "Dad I love you", etc. While we were going to arrivals they screamed the phrases. They made some noise and the people with in the aiport watching and laughed at us then we went to the car laught a lot.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marcia's Story

One day I stayed at home I was watching TV then Iistened a noise.
I walked and watched for the all the house but didn"t found anything.
I went to bed and I almost slept I listen the noise again. I was afraid
but I needed to discovered wich was. Each time the noise stayed more
and more high. I was already getting terrified when I decided do discovered
in this moment, I cant to wait more. I began to pray and I noticed that noise
was coming from inside the fridge. I took courage and opened the fridge,
guess what I saw............
The iphone"s husband was on the fridge...
I was smilling a lot but I stayed with some afraid.

André's Story

un unce up no ...time 
i was a betiful boy  , in my german city 
i take  a pcture of de gost and put in front of mirros'frend  joe , this nigth de gay looked for de mirror and almost died because was very fearful ,ismiled a lo